Q: So what's the deal with Dr. Pineapple?
A: The Adventures of Dr. Pineapple are a hodgepodge batch of stories about space, pirates, treasure, discovering the purpose of life, and goofing off.
The stories chronicle the shenanigans of Dr. Pineapple, His first mate Toby, and their friend Little Barrel.

The Cast:
Dr. Thaddeus Q. Pineapple the 74th:

Responding to either the title Dr. or Captain, this  pineapple with an occasionally gruff exterior started his career as head of the defence ministry for his homeworld of Fruitopia (A planet of talking fruit).

After accidentally destroying the Queen's palace, the good Doctor was sentenced to be executed, but managed to escape his sentence when he discovered an ancient 'Letter of Marque' bestowing the title of Privateer to Thaddeus Q. Pineapple, who just so happened to be the first of his lineage.

Using the Letter of Marque and the promise to defend Fruitopia from space pirates, Dr. Pineapple started his rocky career of being a Privateer, battling space pirates, and hunting for treasure.

Toby A. Boynton:

Coming off as a bit slow and naive at times, Toby is the voice of reason for the crew.  Toby's gentle demeanor is offset by his size and strength, and you could describe him as the Yin to Dr. Pineapple's Yang.

Toby has spent his entire life training as an apprentice cooper, and though his skills have risen far beyond apprentice, he still believes himself to be a novice.

Toby met Dr. Pineapple when the Captain crash landed on Toby's planetoid.  Finding Toby all alone, and of remarkable skill, Dr. Pineapple recruited him to help build a new ship (the Apple Barrel), and let Toby join his crew as first mate, where he could put his strength and skills as a cooper to good use.

The Apple Barrel:

The Apple Barrel is Dr. Pineapple's ship.  Created from a mixture of the Captains technological brilliance and Toby's master craftsmanship, the Apple Barrel is an unconventional ship; containing no weapons, and being built mostly from wood, The Apple Barrel relies on it's speed and agility to defend itself.

When necessary, the ship can extend it's extra engine pods, which act like legs, and use it's primary engine pods, which act like arms, to perform a multitude of tasks ranging from walking on the surface of planets, to carrying immense objects, to hand-to-hand combat with enemy ships or giant Godzilla monsters.

Little Barrel:

The Little Barrel is a miniaturized version of the Apple Barrel brought to life with experimental A.I. that was created from a random mixture of Dr. Pineapple and Toby's brain waves.

The Little Barrel is an adventurous, care-free spirit, and possesses the abilities of Dr. Pineapple, Toby, and the Apple Barrel.  Using these abilities, Little Barrel can produce an almost unlimited supply of powder keg's, which he loves to hurl at anyone who tries to squash his enthusiasm.


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