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I love designing games!
I've been building games with Multimedia Fusion for a few years, and these are a few of my earlier games.
My newer games can be found on

Spunky's Death-Ray

Featuring humorous, yet mindless killing of innocent wildlife.

This very short and very easy game was made quite a while ago, and was intended as a portfolio piece to show off my animation skills.  Run around and shoot anything that moves, use both death-rays to see all the death animations.  It's not much, but it's pretty enjoyable for a few minutes.

 *Download Here*

The Atomic Ball Pit

The Puzzle game for cool people. (you are cool, aren't you?)

This is a fun little puzzle game that incorporates the mechanic of shooting stuff with classic puzzle elements.
I made this game in 2005, and recently (2009) gave it a little bit of an overhaul.  I've included both versions for your enjoyment.  The Special Edition version has a new title sequence, updated cut-scene art, 3 new gameplay modes, and what I believe to be a more reasonable difficulty curve.  Give it a try, you might just find yourself addicted.

*Note: I'd like to remake this game someday. I think I've learned enough about designing puzzle games since this was made to revamp this concept into something really good.

     *Download Original*    *Download Special Edition*

Super Car!

Take the ride of a lifetime with Super Car!
Start off by driving recklessly through a graveyard, go undersea and shoot at mermaids, jump the grand canyon, fight aliens, outrun Haley's comet, and travel back in time to blast dinosaurs!
OK, this game's kind of silly, but it's also rather fun.  This game was inspired by a banner ad for some cell phone.  The colors on the phone's screen reminded me of the Colecovision's color palette, and inspired me to draw up some purposely shitty artwork that was full of imagination and enthusiasm.
This game's not quite technically possible on the Colecovision, but I still think I managed to capture the "feel" of the system quite well, especially the choppy scrolling.
I hope you enjoy the little diversion I call Super Car!

*Download Super Car!*

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