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The Atomic Ball Pit
Keith Erickson
Art, Design and Programming
Notes: The Atomic Ball Pit was one of the first games I designed. It was my first attempt at creating an original puzzle game (I always try to make my puzzle games original).
In retrospect, my opinion of this game is: "good idea, flawed execution". While most of the people I shared this game with seemed to love it, over time I became aware of the design flaw of needing 2 mouse buttons to play the game, as well as several other non-intuitive interface elements.
I tried to remedy some of these flaws with The Atomic Ball Pit: Special Edition, but probably shouldn't have taken out mouse support all together.
Anyway, I may revisit this game someday, and I spent some time in the past working on a pitch/design for a DS version: See it here!
I believe that underneath all it's flaws, there is a really good game in The Atomic Ball Pit, perhaps "Color Swapping" mode from Special Edition would be a good start...

The Puzzle game for cool people. (you are cool, aren't you?)

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