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Adventure II
Atari 5200
Ron Lloyd
Artist: Sprites, backgrounds, maze design
Notes: 4 years in development, that's a lot of time for a mere 32K of ROM!  This game is a homebrew sequel to the Atari 2600 game 'Adventure', and was a lot of fun to make.  Note: The sword's handle was supposed to be a 2 pixel wide 'missile', but it never got implemented correctly in the game, thus making it not look as good as I wanted.  I really like how the 'snow level" turned out, but I wish you could have made your own footprints like originally envisioned.  I also created a cool looking wizard boss and large red dragon that never got used.  Creating art for such limited hardware and pushing it's limits can be fun.

Below are some samples from this game:


Sprites: (several unused)

Just playing around; Isometric Adventure.

Animated sprites (some unused)
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