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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Gameboy Advance
Backbone Entertainment
Animator. (oompa loompas and various enemies and pickups, and some other stuff)
Notes: Yup, another GBA platformer...
The Oompa Loompas' idle started off with them looking around, pulling out a lollypop and eating it, but the licensor said "the oompa loompas don't eat candy", so I changed it to having them operate a chocolate digger/jack hammer. Again, they wanted something different, so I made them do a stupid dance, and that's what went into the game. Interesting note: I thought the chocolate river in the early stages of the game looked like crap, so I asked the art director if I could have a go at improving it. My chocolate river's in the game, and the old one can be seen in the instruction manual. This was a pretty fun project, aside from all the last minute changes.

Below are some samples from this game:

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