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Charlotte's Web
Nintendo DS & Gameboy Advance
Backbone Entertainment
Character animator, Minigame Director
Notes: I did a lot on this game: half of Wilbur's animations, 90% of Templeton's animations, 11 out of 12 of the minigames (and some work on the 12th one too), the health replenishment animations (except for the feed bucket part), and a lot of misc. other stuff too.
I think I might have been able to do a better job on some of the minigame art, but when you've got that many things to do on a project, you don't always have time for revisions; you've just gotta' get it DONE.
By the way, there was a small bug in the game, that I don't think ever got fixed (it's pretty hard to do). What you do is: jump off of a platform or ledge, and just as you hit the ground (your timing must be exact), hit jump again, and you'll spring up to the same height that you jumped down from. It's really cool if you can do it from a big fall, you'll be like super-pig!

Below are some samples from this game:

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