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Keith Erickson / Studio Piņa
Game Design, Art, Programming
Notes: Fortitude is one of those ideas I got when I was working on a concept for a totally different game.
Somehow the idea came to me that I could combine Puzzle Bobble with Star Castle, and add in some minor Galaga elements.
The idea worked really well in my mind, so I went ahead with it and developed it for Flash, keeping in mind that I might want to port it to iOS later.
I finished and released the Flash version to mostly positive reviews, and the following year, I ported Fortitude to iOS with additional power-ups and several new bonus rounds.

Fortitude's one of those games that's really fun for a few minutes at a time, but is too limited to hold most gamer's attention for more than 10 minutes.
I'd consider this game to be a moderate success, but I think it needs more depth to be a truly great game.

Below are some samples from this game:


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Play Fortitude HERE!

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