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G.I. Joe: the Rise of Cobra
Nintendo DS
Backbone Entertainment
Animation, In-game scripting
Notes: This was my last game with Backbone. I animated several characters, and later switched to in-game scripting to make sure the animations were implemented correctly. Before the project was finished, a bunch of people were laid off, myself included, so I couldn't get a copy of any art that I did. No big loss, as all of the animations were simple overhead walking and shooting cycles. The only animation I did that I think looked interesting was Shipwreck's Parrot.

Fun fact: this game was built on the unreleased Nintendo DS Gauntlet engine. I wasn't on the Gauntlet project, but if I remember correctly, that game was funded by Nintendo initially, then they pulled their support because Backbone couldn't meet their deadlines. The game then found one or two other publishers/funders who both cancelled their support due to Backbone not being able to meet deadlines or fix bugs on-time. I believe that the decision to add voice chat between users and some other unneccessary features (which were Backbone's idea) were the reason for all the bugs and missed deadlines. Though, my information could be a little off on some of these details as I didn't work directly on that project.

Below are some samples from this game:

I didn't save any examples from this game.
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