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Keith Erickson / Studio Piņa
Game Design, Art, Programming
Notes: Nam-Cap was an experiment in game design, a backwards version of Pac-Man.
Where as Pac-Man is a round yellow male creature eating dots in a vertical blue maze with a black background, Nam-Cap is a square-ish purple female creature making dots in a horizontal orange maze with a white background.
Nam-Cap is more than just a graphical inversion of Pac-Man: Nam-Cap starts in the box in the center of the maze (which she can hide in if necessary), the enemies come out from the corners of the maze and do their best to run away from you. If you touch one of the enemies, they run back to their corner, and you drop a heart in the maze which acts like a power-pellet for the enemies if they touch it before it disappears. Also, the bonus fruits are replaced by special enemies who appear at certain intervals.
The game is as backwards from Pac-Man as I could make it, and as such, it was a very interesting experiment that challenged me to think differently.

Below are some samples from this game:


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