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National Treasure: Confederate gold
Nintendo DS
Backbone Entertainment
Artist, mostly animation
Unfinished, Unreleased
Notes: We got about 4 months into this one before it was canned. Disney cancelled it because they pushed back the theatrical release date for National Treasure 2, and still hadn't finalized their script. Our game was an original story based on National Treasure, and had Ben Gates and Riley tracking down a lost cache of confederate gold. Anyway, Disney was really pissing us off: they wanted a more "realistic" look to the sprites, which meant give everyone a beet red skin tone and run the animations through a heavy photoshop blur filter. They also kept wanting to change the speed at which Ben would walk, while keeping his walk animation "casual". This resulted in Ben walking nearly as fast as he ran. Later they wanted Ben to run by default, and have him walk when you held down a shoulder button. Seriously, they're complete idiots. Anyway, the finished stuff we did looked fantastic (except for the extreme level of blur on the sprites), and if the game wasn't cancelled, I probably would have gone mental from the INSANE number of hand drawn, hand shaded sprite animations the game needed. Oh yeah, and mini games... can't have a game without a ton of pointless minigames who's only purpose is to make more work for the developers, but add nothing to the game...

Below are some samples from this game:

Most of these animations are missing details and shading that would have been added later, had the game not been canceled.

Here's a screenshot from a mini-game I worked on.  Topscreen is placeholder, and bottom screen is final art.  This game had Reilly watching Ben's position on the building's blueprints, and giving him commands on how to navigate the building without getting caught.  This game used the microphone and recognised basic voice commands; Up, down, stop, ect.
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