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Winnie the Pooh: Piglet's Special Day
Jakks TV games
Backbone Entertainment
Artist (animation, backgrounds, etc.)
Released, but the game-key is unreleased.
Notes: Jakks developed more TV games systems than the market could support, and so this one took over a year to be released. During the production, we fired our assistant art director (our official art director quit several months prior), one of our lead animators left, our background guy was churning out utter garbage (later fired after going on to Death Junior 2), Disney and Jakks constantly wanted changes to stuff they already approved months earlier... and who was left to clean up the mess? That's right, Me. Because of all the publisher indecisiveness and changes, the game went 4 months over schedule, and a lot of the fun stuff was made to be rather lame. (the ice cream game, where you had to remember the order and make it was replaced by a simpler and lamer "what color honey pot did they want" game, because: "Pooh doesn't eat ice cream". Well, I can show you half a dozen examples of Pooh eating ice cream, and I can also show you Tigger saying he hates honey... but he sure does love it in this game.) Eventually though, we did finish it, and it turned out pretty good, but we all hate Winnie the Pooh now.
This game was designed to use a Game Key that would hold 3 games: Hunny Pot Hunt (platformer), Roll Race (lame side scrolling race game), and I think the last one was called "sweet treat" (the ice cream game - turned honey pot game). The final released version doesn't have a game key port, so those 3 games will never see the light of day.

Below are some samples from this game:


Here are a couple backgrounds I worked on:
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