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Powerpuff Girls: Shock of Ages
Character/prop design, Storyboard artist, preliminary dialogue writer
Unfinished (somewhere around alpha/beta stage), Unreleased
Notes: Ugh, So many storyboards... BAM (our publisher) started way too many projects at once, and then ran out of money to pay their developers. Thus, the game died, and my short stint at Sennari ended. Cartoon Network themselves supplied the voice overs (at their own cost), we received the recorded dialogue just as the studio was shutting down. One thing I really liked about this project was that the description of the cut scenes were so vague in the design document, that I got to write a lot of the dialogue and jokes, most of which stayed in-tact even though Cartoon Network sent the script out for approval from two different writers.

Below are some samples from this game:

I did Tons and tons of storyboards for this game, here's just a small example.

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