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Keith Erickson / Studio Piņa
Game Design, Art, Programming
Notes: Puzzah! takes the timeless gameplay of the sliding number puzzle and brings it into the 21st century!
With Puzzah! you'll experience massive combos, bombs, power-ups, and the excitement of Fever Mode! Try Puzzah! today and find out why chose Puzzah! as one of their "Apps of the day".

Puzzah! is another one of my attempts at creating an awesome & original puzzle game. This time instead of a totally new gameplay mechanic, I went back to the world's first popular puzzle game, the sliding puzzle, and melded it's mechanics with modern puzzle mechanics.
My favorite feature that Puzzah! has is the "Fever Mode". I wanted to add an extra level of depth to the game, something that would support the main game mechanic instead of distract from it. So, I added the multiplier roulette wheel and the fever meter, this gave players an incentive to match tiles of specific colors. Once a player enters Fever Mode they get to unscramble a series of simple sliding puzzles for a potentially significant bonus.
Puzzah! may not be a perfect game, but I think it turned out pretty good. Even after all the time I spent designing and programming it, I still find it fun to pick up and play for a few minutes. I think that the lack of variety is the only flaw that the game really has. If I had the opportunity to do a sequel, I'd add in a story mode and a number of new power-ups / items to add more variety.

Below are some samples from this game:

babomb babomb babomb

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