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Santa's Magic Sack
Keith Erickson / Studio Piņa
Game Design, Art, Programming
Notes: Santa's Magic Sack was one of my earlier games.
I'd rate this game at: Good presentation, mediocre execution.
In Santa's Magic Sack, you reach your hand down into Santa's toysack to find your Christmas present. You must avoid touching any gifts, because the deeper into Santa's sack that you reach, the better the gift you will recieve.
For this project, I set out to make a simple game that could later be ported to iOS, but only ever released it as a Flash game. I could never figure out how to make the control any better: I tried lots of variations, but none seemed to work all that well. This game was designed as a short holiday project, so I didn't put excessive amounts of time into trying to improve it.

Below are some samples from this game:


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