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Spider Man 2
Gameboy Advance
Digital Eclipse
Animator for a myriad of enemies who were all basically the same. (and a few who weren't)
Notes: This was the first game at DESI where I did nothing but animations. I learned a lot, and got seriously bored at points, but I became a stronger animator because of it. (seriously, every enemy had the exact same set of animations, how boring is that?) This game was fun to test, because before it was fixed, there was a bug that you could use to allow Spiderman to travel across the stage using "web jets". I also recall working my ass off on the last day to clean up Doc Oc's animations that had been outsourced to a contractor who did a half-assed job of them, then when I played the final game, it turned out that the programmer didn't have time to implement any of the new animations, which made the final boss battle really lame.

Below are some samples from this game:

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