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Spunky's Super Car
Keith Erickson
Art, Design and Programming
Notes: Start off by driving recklessly through a graveyard, go undersea and shoot at mermaids, jump the grand canyon, fight aliens, outrun Haley's comet, and travel back in time to blast dinosaurs!
OK, this game's kind of silly, but it's also rather fun.  This game was inspired by a banner ad for a cell phone.  The colors on the phone's screen reminded me of the Colecovision's color palette, and inspired me to draw up some purposely shitty artwork that was full of imagination and enthusiasm.
This game's not quite technically possible on the Colecovision, but I still think I managed to capture the "feel" of the system quite well, especially the choppy scrolling.
I hope you enjoy the little diversion I call Super Car!

Take the ride of a lifetime with Super Car!
*Download Super Car!*

Fun fact: Super Car was spotted by some Colecovision homebrewers who liked the game enough to make it real.
Thanks to all the people at CollectorVision, Super Car is now available as an ACTUAL Colecovision cartridge!

*Get Super Car for Colecovision HERE!*

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