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Sydney Hunter (series)
Flash, iOS, NES, SNES, Intellivision
Keith Erickson / Studio Piņa / Collectorvision
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Notes: The Sydney Hunter Series is a series of games starring a boomerang chucking Aussie geologist.
I developed the first sydney Hunter game: Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death in Flash.
Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of death was inspired by retro games like Montezuma's Revenge and H.E.R.O. I designed the game to look and play like an MSX-1 game, and fans of the MSX seemed to like it.
In my Opinion, Caverns of Death turned out OK: it's nothing revolutionary, but it has it's own unique flavor, and has been praised by a number of indie review sites.
After it's release, it was discovered by the prolific homebrew publisher CollectorVision games, who has been working with me to create ports of Caverns of Death, as well as several sequels.

Currrently, Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death is in production for the NES, SNES and iOS, with possible ports being discussed for the ColecoVision, Ti-99 and MSX.

Sydney Hunter and the Shrines of Peril for the Intellivision is the first sequel to be developed. I only did the in-game graphics for this one.

Sydney Hunter and the Mayans Revenge is another sequel, this time for the NES. Again, my contribution for this one is only graphical.

Below are some samples from these games:

Caverns of Death screens:

Shrines of Peril screens:

Mayan's Revenge screens:

Useful Links:

Play Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death
Get Shrines of Peril for Intellivision
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